Introduction of CaSO x WEDO

WEDO Asia Limited was formed in the 2010s with the headquarter in Zurich. The good synergies between the two gypsum specialists and the common value proposition of offering the best but affordable solutions to the market brought WEDO and CaSO together in 2019. 
The two organisations base their collaboration on the exploitation of the gypsum plaster market through innovative ideas and European additive technologies to pinpoint the unpleasant issues of cracking and debonding found on wall render surfaces. WEDO  utilises its expertise and experiences on additives to turn CaSO's ideas of a modern high-performance plaster into reality.


Product Introduction

AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster is using desulfurization gypsum. It is suitable to spraying and hand trowel application, meanwhile, it is more environmentally friendly and easy to apply.


AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster

Model Number: AC075

Packing: 25KG


Substrate Preparation

Substrate must be free from dust, loose particles, contamination, grease, shutter release agent that affecting the bonding of AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster.


Should be stored in a dry place. The suggested storage time is up to 6 months when properly stored. All AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster being stored on sites or in warehouses must be in good conditions, without any damages on the packages, and all packages must indicate the name of the manufacturer and trademarked product name.

Safety and Health

Always wear gloves, masks and goggles during mixing and application. AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster is of a powder base material, which may produce an allergic effect and irritation to eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical assistance. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical assistance.


Procedure of Screed Strip   Manual Application
Professional Gypsum Pump Application   Procedure of Spatula


AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster can be applied on different types of substrates


AAC Blocks


Concrete Blocks


RC Wall


Cementitious Panels


Six major benefits

AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster, which uses environmentally friendly synthetic gypsum as its core material, allows a more efficient installation when it compares with traditional cement/ sand. It can be applied on AAC blocks, bricks, and cement boards. Our gypsum plaster processes six major benefits:


Light Weighted

Our plaster is 50% lighter than the traditional cement/ sand mortar, and the range of thickness which can be applied is more flexible. For 15-20mm, the traditional cement/ sand mortar requires two layers of application, while the AUGREEN Lightweight plaster can be applied up to 25mm each layer, which significantly improves the efficiency. Because it is light in weight, the plaster holds on to the substrates better, which creates a neat and clean condition on site.


High Coverage

For apply the same thickness, only half of the weight consumption is required to cover the same area when it compares with most of the pre-mixed cement/ sand product in the market, the coverage of AC075 is 0.75 kg/mm/m2.
The coverage is twice as high as the traditional cement/ sand mortar (1.5-1.6 kg/mm/m2), which saves the overall transportation and loading cost, as well as waste disposal cost, saving time and money.


Crack Resistant

In the first two seasons of the year, traditional cement/ sand mortar tends to shrink as humidity drops, cracks may appear on the surfaces. Gypsum does not shrink, debonding and cracking issues rarely appear. The flatness and smoothness of the gypsum plaster surfaces are superior, and the maintenance cost required can be significantly reduced.


Strong Adhesion

When it compares with traditional cement/ sand mortar, AUGREEN Lightweight Plaster has a stronger adhesion, 20-30% higher. For both hand-trowel and spraying method, applying sealer and/or spatterdash on concrete walls can be eliminated, which the cost per square meter is about HK$20 -30. Also, its excellent adhesion performance effectively reduces chance of debonding.


Low Wastage

It is about 50% lighter and 20-30% stronger than the traditional cement/ sand mortar, the tensile adhesion strength of AC075 is 0.8MPa, which most of the pre-mixed render available in the market is between 0.5 to 0.6MPa. When using spraying method, the plaster tends to be holding on to the substrates better due to its higher adhesion. The wastage of traditional render is around 10%, the material cost can be reduced up to 8-10% through using our plaster.


Environmentally Friendly

AC075 is a newly developed sand-free product, using desulfurization gypsum as the core raw material. It is more environmentally friendly and easy to apply.



Technical Data


Technical Data


Dry Density 800 kg/m3
Consumption 0.75 kg/mm/m2
Flexural Strength 3.8 Mpa
Compressive Strength 17.7 Mpa
Adhesion 0.99 N/mm2
Initial Curing Time 150 mins
Final Curing Time 180 mins
Water Demand 60-65%

*HOKLAS Test Result

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