AUGREEN block wall system is awarded HK G-PASS PLATINUM by HKGBC, which is the first desulfurized gypsum for commercial use & certificated the Green Council Green Label Award, AUGREEN Block System is among the very few wall partitions which meets users demand for flexibility and versatility in Hong Kong.

AUGREEN Blocks act as natural air quality regulators to maintain comfortable indoor temperature and relative humidity. AUGREEN Blocks are integrated solution for fulfilling various requirements such as high quality of products and services, shorter project time, lower costs, safer sites, better appearance, faster and easier installation and simpler coordination.


Green wall system demonstration and advantages please click the following link to watch the demonstration film
Wall installation demonstration   Demonstration of reuse of AUGREEN wall
Flexible of E&M services   Demonstration of hanging heavy objects


Light Weighted

Gypsum is a light-weighted material that weighs less than half of the weight of cement, making AUGREEN Block Wall System easier to be transported. The total dead load of a 20-story building is estimated to be over 1,000 tonnes less than a cement building.

Space Saver

AUGREEN Block Wall System is made to be light and thin, compared to a 100mm-thick concrete wall with 2 layers of 15mm-thick plastering, AUGREEN Block Wall System saves 55mm with a 75mm-thick wall which is beneficial for space enlargement to users.

Tough and Strong

No steel stiffener is required for 7m or below high 100mm-thick AUGREEN Block Wall System. No door / opening lintels are required for openings which are less than 2-metre wide.

Sound Insulation

AUGREEN Block Wall System is sound-proofed; an 75mm-thick AUGREEN Block can achieve an equivalent sound insulation performance of a 100mm-thick concrete wall.  AUGREEN EQ system has improved from the traditional block wall and drywall system limitation. For 153mm thickness AUGREEN EQ55 system, the noise insulation up to STC55 could be achieved.

Fire Resistance

Safety is one of our first priorities. Our 75mm and 100mm AUGREEN Block Wall System have passed the 2 hours and 4 hours Fire Resistant Poly (FRP) test respectively.


Quick Installation

AUGREEN Block Wall System is movable-friendly due to its size and light-weight features, and is easy installation. The installation time of AUGREEN Block Wall System is 50% faster than installing concrete blocks which require plastering, steel framing and rubbish handling. 15-20m2 can be built per man daily and painting can be started 2-3days after the installation of AUGREEN Block Wall System.


Being as the 1st wall partition brand in Hong Kong, AUGREEN Block Wall System is honored to win numbers of sustainability awards including the "Merit Award" of Building Product Section of Green Building Award 2012 and the "Green Innovation Awards" of Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE).


Benefiting from the high strength of AUGREEN Block Wall System, it is flexible to be decorated in any style as user’s desire. AUGREEN Block Wall System has a shear force of 1.4kN. Each plastic anchor can bear 100lbs and each metal screw can bear 200lbs.


AUGREEN Block Wall System

Standard Blocks

Water Repelling Blocks

High Density Blocks

High Density Water Repelling Blocks


SB75 / SB100 / SB150

WR75 / WR100 / WR150

HD100 / HD150

HW100 / HW150


Around 900 kg/m³

Around 1,200 kg/m ³

Source of Material

FGD Gypsum


75 / 100 mm : 666 mm x 500 mm (3 blocks = 1 m²) 150 mm : 333 mm x 500 mm (6 blocks = 1 m²)


75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm

Dimensions Tolerance

Length : ± 2.5 mm, Height : ± 1.5 mm, Width : ± 0.5 mm


75 mm : 22.5 kg / 100 mm : 30 kg / 150 mm : 22.5 kg

100 mm : 40 kg / 150 mm: 30 kg


Grey White




Fire Rating (BS476–part22)

75 mm : 120 mins FRP; 100 mm / 150 mm : 240 mins FRP

100 mm / 150 mm : 240 mins FRP

Sound Insulation (BS EN ISO140-3:1995)

75 mm : STC 38;

100 mm : STC 41;

150 mm : STC 44;

100 mm : STC 46;
150 mm : STC 51;

Surface Appearance

Smooth ; Tolerance ± 1 mm ( No plastering and slim coat required on AUGREEN Block wall)

Physical Appearance

Solid block; tongue and groove profiles on all sides

Tongue and Groove

4 sides rounded type

Compressive Strength

5 MPa

≥ 14 MPa

Bonding Agent (BA)

Gypsum-based adhesive

Water Resistance

Not Applicable

Water absorption in weight   < 1%

*H1 Class


Not Applicable

Water absorption in weight   < 1%

*H1 Class


Country of Origin



*Sound insulation can be achieved from 45dB – 66dB by using different "Double Shell" combinations.

*Maximum wall height does not require steel stiffener support which is proved by DIN standard and ICE calculations.

Coverage : 2.0 – 4.5 kg / m

Thickness : 0 – 3 mm

Construction : Around 60 mins

Packing : 20 kg / bag

Compressive Strength : 5 – 7 MPa

Tensile Strength : 1.4 MPa

Bending Stress : 0.7 MPa

Shear Stress : 1.4 MPa 

Test Report

AUGREEN Block Wall System have passed a range of tests and obtained numbers of certifications to ensure its quality and safety.



A. RED-Fire Test Report of 75mm

B. RED-Fire Test Report of 100mm

C. A+A Acoustic Test 75mm thick with STC 38

D. A+A Acoustic Test 100mm thick with STC 41

E. Compressive strength


For further information regarding the test reports, please contact CaSO at

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