Social Responsibility

With environmental issues on the rise, our community became more concerned about our living environment. With our mission being“to transform our building environment from harm to harmony together", CaSO strives to provide a safe, comfortable and durable indoor environment for users by providing quality building materials and building processes that reduce negative impacts on the environment.

CaSO is committed in providing green products designed to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints. The application of AUGREEN Blocks in large, multi-unit buildings not only creates a positive change to our environment, also elimanated health concerns from the clients and final users due to construction materials.

Environmental Protection:

CaSO believes that everyone has the responsibility to help building a better living environment for ourselves and for our future generations.
Our AUGREEN Blocks are mainly made of a recycled material named gypsum, which is a by-product from power plants. We reprocess recyclable materials, turning them into new products, thus helping our world to save energy, reduce incineration and most importantly, protect the environment.


Community Involvement:

To put our mission into practice, CaSO likes to get involved in volunteer work and community projects such as tree planting day.

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