CaSO Sky: Environmental Achievements - Triple Awards Winning


Platinum for BEAM Plus & LEED, 3-Stars for China Green Building Label

We are more than happy to announce that CaSO Sky becomes the first interior in Hong Kong achieves Platinum rating under BEAM Plus Interiors and LEED, and 3-Star rating under Green Building Label of China Building Decoration Association!
With the ambitious commitment to green environment, we strive to transform our building environment from harm to harmony.
Under CaSO Sky, an eco-friendly conceptual design and management interior, you may not just enjoy the benefits from installing AUGREEN Block Wall System, you may also find the mystery of Energy, Water, Indoor Air Quality, Carbon and Waste Control Management. We were pleased to share CaSO Sky and our product – AUGREEN Block Wall System and continued increase in sustainable development.


Sustainable Development


AUGREEN wall system puts “Sustainable Development” in an innovative way.


ECO Raw Material

Advantages of using Chemical gypsum*, by-products of electricity production, include:


  • Encourage power plants to use FGD plant which produces more economic values;
  • Reduce the amount of sulphur dioxide released in the atmosphere (i.e. Acidic Rain);
  • Reduce air pollution;
  • Protect the natural environment and wild species (Individual & Corporate Social Responsibility);
  • Transform environmentally hazardous materials to excellence-quality building materials, which is beneficial to our living environment. (CaSO's Mission)

*Remark: Chemical gypsum is produced from FGD plants in removing sulphur dioxide in the flue gas from power plant. The plant works on the limestone-gypsum wet scrubbing principle with wastewater treatment. CaCO₃ + SO₂ > CaSO₄ • ½ H₂O The Limestone (CaCO₃) slurry reacts with sulphur dioxide (SO₂) in the flue gas. The intermediate product (calcium sulphite, CaSO₃) is then further oxidized into gypsum (calcium sulphate, CaSO₄, 2H₂O). After a process of de-watering, chemical gypsum (CaSO₄ • ½ H₂O) is being produced for commercial use.


ECO Production Line

Each stage of production follows the working principle of ISO 14000 to ensure that they:


  • Use clean energy (e.g use fume-less coal to generate heat);
  • Adopt natural drying at outdoor during dry seasons (no energy consumption);
  • No pollution in production process (no noise, water or air pollution);
  • No wastage in production (re-use all small residual materials);
  • High quality in production (minimize returning of poor product by reference to 6 sigma management);
  • Low carbon footprint in every step (raise staff & stakeholders’ conscious and behaviour)


ECO Logistic & Transport

Our factory locates at Panyu, which is within 200 km coverage to our key markets, including Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong Province, consuming much less energy than the requirements stipulated in BEAM+ or LEED (i.e. 800km).


ECO Site Installation


  • No metal mesh, lintel and steel stiffener (minimize extra material and installation works that incurred extra energy consumption)
  • No plastering on both side of wall
  • No wet trade on site (better site environment)
  • Enhance site safety & health (no mosquito breeding, no risk of slippery flooring and electrical shock leading to injury and damage)
  • Easy cutting or chasing for conduit trenches
  • No wastage (re-use small cutting pieces for filling up holes or trench for conduit)
  • Flexible layout alteration (allow forming new openings ( < 2m ) after wall built due to homogeneous property, then re-use those cut blocks (in size 500x500mm) for building new wall)


ECO Product Life Cycle


  • Regulate relative humidity (air moisture absorb (in wet season) and release (in dry season) brings environmental comfort)
  • No VOC, radon and harmful substance (human health)
  • No heavy metallic substance
  • pH value 6-8 (close to human skin)
  • Sound proof (i.e. one layer can achieve up to 46 dB STC)
  • Thermal insulation (5 times better than concrete block leading to high energy saving)
  • Fire-rated (up to 4hrs FRP)
  • Light weight (being 1.5 times lighter than concrete block can save materials used on foundation and loading bearing structure to support its dead load)
  • Green label and a list of environmental awards (public recognition)


ECO Maintenance


  • Longer overall life cycle (compare with concrete)
  • Low level of maintenance (due to elimination of metal mesh, plastering, steel stiffener, lintel, etc)


ECO Product Re-use & Material Re-cycle

AUGREEN Block Wall System can be demolished by cutting the wall panel into block size (around 500x500mm) by top down method. These cut blocks can then be re-used for building a new wall with bonding agent. The level of maintenance is very low due to the elimination of metal mesh, plastering, steel stiffener and lintel.

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